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MRW currently has several rep opportunities in the United States and Canada. If you are interested in becoming a rep for MRW, please contact us.

MRW strongly believes in developing quality partnerships with our sales reps. In fact, some of our employees were once sales reps and know firsthand the day-to-day work a sales rep performs Our sales reps are an important component to MRW's overall business strategy and we believe in the mutual beneficial relationship that exists between representatives, MRW, and our customers. Our reps work with MRW in a long-term partnership that focuses on sales, service and meeting customer needs.

If you are interested in pursuing a rep opportunity with MRW, please contact us at mrw@mrw-tech.com or 918.827.6030. Tell us what territory(s) you are interested in and what products you currently represent. In the meantime, if you have current projects in your territory that may be a good fit for our products, feel free to give us a call to discuss opportunities.

Strategic Alliances and Referral Partners

MRW pays finders fees to other companies that refer jobs to us. If you have a job that requires one of our products and you do not make the product or cannot be competitive with the product, we would like to hear from you.

In order to service our customers to the highest degree possible, MRW aligns itself with companies that supply alternative pollution control equipment that we do not manufacture ourselves. There are situations that arise where the best product for a certain application may fall out of MRW's area of product offerings or specialty. Therefore, we partner with other companies (sometimes even with competitors) to make sure our customers always get the best product or solution available.

For example, MRW has alliances or representative agreements with companies that build regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTO), catalytic oxidizers, scrubbers, WESPs, as well as engineering services for loading/marketing terminals and pollution control engineering services. In these alliances, MRW refers jobs to other partners and in turn they refer jobs to MRW. This relationship is beneficial because it helps the customer get the right product for their application and it benefits the referring partner because they still make money off of their customer relationship and knowledge of the process.

MRW also has built equipment (OEM) for some of our competitors such as burners, combustors, thermal oxidizers, and flares. This is usually done when there is a certain piece of a turnkey job that falls out of a company's area of expertise such as burner design, Ultra-Low NOx, or back-up flare systems.

If you are interested in a strategic partnership with MRW or you have a project where we can be of help, please contact us.

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