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Afterburners for VOC Control

MRW designs and manufactures thermal afterburner systems for the control of volatile organic compounds "VOC."

Afterburner Systems
  • Direct-fired thermal afterburner systems, i.e. with no heat recovery boiler or heat exchanger
  • Vertical up-fired or down-fired after burners for plants that have little real-estate to allocate to the equipment
  • Horizontal afterburner arrangements for thermal oxidation
  • Fume after burner systems
  • Heat exchanger options: waste heat boilers, heat exchangers, or secondary heat recovery
  • Tail gas fume incineration systems - tail gas afterburner systems

  • MRW manufactures heavy industrial thermal after burner systems based on over 1,000 combustion system installation experience. MRW specializes in low cost, unique applications and fast delivery requirements. We can meet the absolute most stringent emission requirements for low NOx, CO destruction, and high VOC DRE. MRW engineers have experience with afterburners for most types of exothermic waste gases including sulfur recovery plant applications.

    To learn more about MRW afterburner systems, contact us at 918.827.6030 or email MRW Technologies.

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