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Critical Flare Components

Over 100 years experience designing flare equipment!

Flare Stack Support Structure
  • Self-Supported Stack
  • Derrick Stack
  • Guyed Wire Stack

Flare Tips
  • MRW Air-Assist Flare Tips
  • MRW Steam-Assist Flare Tips
  • MRW Gas-Assist Flare Tips
Pilot and Ignition System

MRW pilots and ignition systems are proven to be reliable, fast, and easy to operate and maintain. Our pilots are designed for continuous and intermittent use in adverse weather conditions and extreme wind speeds. MRW pilots increase the reliability and performance of the flare system by providing flame stability in any operating conditions. We are confident that our pilots are the absolute best in the world!

MRW designs extremely energy efficient pilots using as little as 50SCFH of fuel gas. The pilots are generally fabricated out of 309/310 stainless steel to extend the life of the pilot burner assembly. An air/fuel gas mixer attached to pilot burner assembly allows for a combustible mixture of pilot fuel gas at the pilot burner tip. Our local control panel powers the ignition transformers and automatically ignites/re-ignites the pilots.

Ignition of the pilot can be done via:
  1. Manual Ignition - the pilot is manually ignited via a push-button activation.
  2. Auto Ignition - a spark igniting device and ignition transformer ignites the flame front.
  3. Auto Re-Ignition - the flare tip pilot temperature switches automatically trigger the ignition transformers to re-ignite the flare tip pilots upon loss of flame.
  4. Remote Ignition - the flare system to be capable of automatic startup and shutdown based on either local or remote initiation.

Ignition of the pilots is accomplished using one of three methods:
  1. Flame Front Generator (FFG)
  2. Self-Inspirated Flame Front Generator (SI-FFG)
  3. Electric Spark Ignition (EFG)

Pilot Monitoring Device
  • Thermocouple - MRW uses a proprietary thermocouple design and location to safely and accurately monitor the pilot status while also extending the service life of the thermocouples
  • Flame Scanner
  • Flame Rod
  • Video Camera

Control and Ignition System

MRW can design our control systems to meet any electrical classification. Our control systems utilize state of the art design techniques and technology to obtain optimum service potential. If you have a preference as to what type/brand of control system, we are happy to accommodate your needs.

Purge Reduction Seal (Optional)
  • Molecular Seal
  • Liquid Seal
  • Velocity Seal

Flame or Detonation Arrestor (Optional)

In some situations, a flame or detonation arrestor is preferred or necessary. If a liquid seal cannot be used, gases are in the explosive range, and/or there are extended pipe runs or bends in pipe, a detonation arrestor may be used. MRW uses detonation arrestors are approved by the US Coast Guard.

Knockout Drum (Optional)

Knockout drums are provided in situations where liquid separation is likely in the waste stream. The knockout drum will collect any liquids that are present in the waste stream prior to entering the flare system. A knockout drum is especially important if substantial cooling of heavy liquids is expected. If the liquid is corrosive, MRW uses non-corrosive materials of construction. A level gauge and drain connections are built into the knockout drum.

Ladders and Platforms (Optional)

Access to the flare tip may be provided upon request from grade with OSHA approved ladders and rest platform(s) and one 360 access platform located just below the flare tip for easy access and maintenance of the flare tip.

Air Blower (Optional)

If assist air is required, an optional air blower will be included. The combustion airflow shall be automatically controlled based on waste gas flow rate to the flare. A flanged inlet and outlet as well as access door and housing drain is standard. Air duct is usually supplied from the fan outlet to the inlet of the flare stack.

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