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Over 100 years experience manufacturing enclosed ground flares!

Enclosed Stack - Combustion Chamber

MRW enclosed flare systems use a vertical, cylindrical, and self-supported refractory lined stack. The flame is completely hidden inside the combustion chamber. The refractory used is designed for cold start-ups. The refractory is designed to withstand shrinkage from exposure to high temperatures.

Destruction efficiencies of up to 99%+ are achieved by using an enclosed flare.

The stack includes lifting lugs for easy in field installation. MRW uses a special type of refractory attachment system designed for exposure to extremely high temperatures and is resistant against corrosion.

For waste streams that are in the explosive limits, the enclosed stack includes an MRW Anti-Flashback burner assembly to allow for safe operation and stable combustion at high and low vapor rates. For situations where strict NOx requirements exist, MRW uses a proprietary staged combustion burner and injection design.

The temperature is controlled via quench-air dampers that monitor the amount of air into the combustion chamber. Thus, fuel usage is controlled by maintaining a set point temperature usually of 1600F to 1800F depending upon plant needs, type of facility, and environmental requirements.

Pilot and Burner

MRW manufactures continuous and energy efficient pilots designed for reliable flame stability during any operating condition including the harshest weather and extremely high wind speeds. Our pilot burners are fabricated out of 309/310 stainless adding extended life to the pilot burner assembly.

The spark ignition rod is strategically placed in the tip for rapid ignition of pilot fuel gas. This design is based on experience from experience with over 1,000 flare installations. An air/fuel gas mixer is attached to the pilot burner assembly to allow for a combustible mixture at the pilot burner tip. No field welding is required as mounting brackets allow for easy field installation. The MRW local control panel powers the ignition transformer for automatic ignition of the pilot.

The enclosed stack includes an MRW Anti-Flashback burner assembly or MRW staged combustion burner to allow for safe operation and stable combustion at high and low vapor rates. MRW anti-flashback burners work to distinguish a flashback the same way a detonation/flame arrestor does by absorbing the heat of the flame into an element especially designed for distinguishing flame propagations.

MRW pilots and ignitions systems are proven to be reliable, fast, and easy to operate and maintain. Our pilots are designed for continuous and intermittent use in adverse weather conditions and extreme wind speeds. MRW pilots increase the reliability and performance of the flare system by providing flame stability in any operating conditions.

MRW designs extremely energy efficient pilots using as little as 50SCFH of fuel gas. Our local control panel powers the ignition transformers and automatically ignites/re-ignites the pilots.

Ignition of the pilot can be done via:
  1. Manual Ignition - the pilot is manually ignited via a push-button activation.
  2. Auto Ignition - a spark igniting device and ignition transformer ignites the flame front.
  3. Auto Re-Ignition - the flare tip pilot temperature switches automatically trigger the ignition transformers to re-ignite the flare tip pilots upon loss of flame.
  4. Remote Ignition - the flare system to be capable of automatic startup and shutdown based on either local or remote initiation.

Detonation Arrestor or Liquid Seal (Optional)

If waste gas fumes contain oxygen, are in the explosive range, and/or there are extended pipe runs or multiple bends in pipe, a detonation arrestor may be used to prevent flashback upstream of the flare system. This is an important flashback prevention device but it should never be the only line of defense to mitigate a flashback. MRW uses detonation arrestors approved by the US Coast Guard. In some situations, a liquid seal with a fluid barrier can be used in lieu of a detonation arrestor to keep air from penetrating the flare header.
Control / Ignition System

MRW can design our control systems to meet any electrical classification. Our control systems utilize state-of-the-art design techniques and technology to obtain optimum service potential. If you have a preference as to what type/brand of control system, we are happy to accommodate your needs.

The control system automatically purges the combustor, completes flare permissives, ignites the pilot, initiates the blower, and enriches the waste gas stream. The control system has several safety shutdowns indicating an error in the system operation. MRW flare systems are designed for numerous safety and shutdown precautions. Our systems will detect and shutdown if the following situations occur:
  • High liquid level
  • High Temperature on Detonation Arrestor
  • Loss of Pilot
  • Excessive high stack temperature
  • Loss of permissive signal from loading rack
  • Manual operator shutdown
Knockout Drum (Optional)

Knockout drums are provided in situations where liquid separation is likely in the waste stream. A knockout drum will collect any liquid in the waste stream before reaching the flare system. knockout drum is especially important if substantial cooling of heavy liquids is expected. If the liquid is corrosive, MRW uses non-corrosive materials of construction. A level gauge and drain connections are built into the knockout drum.

Other Optional Equipment

  • Ratio Control - used to save fuel gas when multiple sources are routed to one flare system and may flow at different times, not at all, or at the same time.

  • Temperature Recorder - some terminals or tank farms may require proof of operating temperature via a temperature recorder. This is supplied as an optional adder as not all terminals require this as proof of operation.

  • Skid Mounting - all of our terminal flare systems can be skid mounted in order to simplify field installation and reduce costs. The control skid is complete with the following components mounted, piped, and pre-wired:
    • Local Control Panel
    • Pilot fuel gas valve train
    • Enrichment gas valve train
    • Detonation Arrestor with thermocouples
    • Knockout Drum with level gauge.
    • Auto-block valve with limit switches.

  • NFPA Compliant - this would include self checking flame scanner, double blocks and bleeds, and high/low pressure switches as required.

  • Motor Starter

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