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MRW Proprietary Components and
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MRW uses technologies that are based upon over 30 years of advanced, real-world combustion experience by each of our principal engineers. MRW engineers have experience with over 1,000 combustion equipment installations. Applying this experience, we are able to offer technology only a few companies in the world can accomplish. The following components are the heart of our premium enclosed flare designs.

MRW Split-Staged™ Combustion System

Split-Staged™ is a proprietary MRW burner arrangement and waste gas injection design that allows us to utilize our staged-combustion technology. This technology allows for correct burner placement within the combustion chamber and staging of the waste gas, air, and fuel gas around a core burner. Staging of the waste gas, air, and fuel gas allows us to achieve superior mixing for very high VOC destruction, CO destruction, and Low NOx creation while maintaining a highly stable burner under both low and high firing rates.

In effect, MRW staging technology "splits" the flame into several "smaller" flames. These smaller flames are built around one "core" burner flame. The benefit of this technology is it produces exceptionally low NOx levels by maintaining low peak flame temperatures as well as excellent mixing with waste gas, air, and fuel gas. This allows us to maintain an extremely stable burner under both low and high firing fates. Staged combustion allows for correct mixing of waste gas, destruction of CO while producing as low as .04 lb per mmBtu NOx or less.

In addition to the required mmBtu burner size, when utilizing staged-combustion the burners must be in the correct position and the ratio of air, fuel gas, and waste gas must be optimized in order for the thermal oxidizer or enclosed flare to work effectively and efficiently. In some cases, multiple burners may be necessary to reach optimum performance.

MRW Split-Stage™ Waste Gas Injection Nozzle System

This is a proprietary MRW waste gas injection system that "spins" the waste gas through a proprietary mixing nozzle design, thus creating a very turbulent environment as the waste gas is introduced into the combustion chamber. This is critically important to achieving correct mixing and keeping fuel costs to a minimum. This is customized for each application and depends upon many factors including type of waste gas stream, heating value, oxygen content, temperature requirements, etc.

NOTE: Regardless of temperature or residence time, without correct mixing and injection of waste gas, air, and fuel gas a thermal oxidizer will not adequately destroy VOCs or CO. Furthermore, without correct mixing a thermal oxidizer may not be able to reach temperature requirements.

MRW Core Burners

Unlike most thermal oxidizer and enclosed flare manufacturers, MRW designs and manufacturers our own high efficiency burners. Our burners are a result of each of our principals' 30+ years experience in the combustion industry, extensive research and development, and real-world applications going back to the 1960's. MRW core burners are able to produce as little as .04 lb. NOx per mmBtu or less. MRW uses burners that are extremely stable under both low and high firing rates.

MRW Anti-Flashback Burners

MRW anti-flashback burners work to distinguish a flashback the same way a detonation/flame arrestor does by absorbing the heat of the flame into an element especially designed for distinguishing flame propagations. MRW Anti-Flashback burner assemblies allow for safe operation and stable combustion at high and low vapor rates. These types of burners are used in loading terminal vapor control flares (combustors) and applications where the potential exists for vapors to be in the explosive range.

MRW Combust-Equate™

The MRW Combust-equate™ system is a computer program utilizing combustion formulas derived from our extensive combustion experience going back to the 1960's. It allows for extremely accurate combustion chamber sizing, burner sizing, burner type(s), residence time, temperature requirements for auto-ignition (destruction) of VOCs and CO, combustor shape, oxygen requirements, and method and ratio of air, waste gas and fuel gas introduction into combustion chamber.

MRW Pilots

MRW manufactures continuous and energy efficient pilots designed for reliable flame stability during any operating condition including the harshest weather and extremely high wind speeds. Our pilot burners are fabricated out of 309/310 stainless adding extended life to the pilot burner assembly.

The spark ignition rod is strategically placed in the tip for rapid ignition of pilot fuel gas. This design is based on experience from experience with over 1,000 flare installations. An air/fuel gas mixer is attached to the pilot burner assembly to allow for a combustible mixture at the pilot burner tip. No field welding is required as mounting brackets allow for easy field installation. The MRW local control panel powers the ignition transformer for automatic ignition of the pilot.

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