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Over 100 years experience designing vapor combustion systems!

MRW Marine Terminal Combustor
Flare System

MRW Marine Terminal vapor combustors are approved by the US Coast Guard and are guaranteed to comply with 33 CFR 154, and NVIC 1-96. MRW follows the strictest safety principles.

Our Marine terminal combustors are designed to handle several chemical and/or loading stations at the same time.

MRW utilizes proprietary anti-flashback burners approved by the US Coast Guard. These burners work to distinguish a flashback the same way a detonation/flame arrestor does by absorbing the heat of the flame into the element. MRW marine vapor combustor systems can be designed for the most simple or complex operations.

Every marine vapor combustion system we manufacture is guaranteed for DRE, safety standards, and operation. Our units require low maintenance and have very little downtime. MRW's marine terminal flare experience is simply unsurpassed.

MRW Enclosed Vapor Combustors/Flares

MRW vapor combustors maintain a burner that fires into a refractory lined, self-supported combustion chamber that totally encloses the resulting flame. MRW's refractory is resistant to thermal shock and does not require curing. Sufficient retention time is provided to completely burn all the hydrocarbon vapors.

Higher destruction efficiencies can be accomplished by use of an enclosed vapor combustor versus other vapor control equipment. 99+% DRE can be accomplished and can be demonstrated with stack sampling after start-up. MRW flares are guaranteed for DRE, operation, and reliability.

Enclosed vapor combustors are more efficient that Open Flame Flare Combustors because they cut the fuel cost associated with flaring by utilizing the heat that is held inside the vessel and radiated back to the refractory liner. The temperature is controlled via quench-air dampers that monitor the amount of air into the combustion chamber. Thus, fuel usage is controlled by maintaining a set point temperature of usually 1600F to 1800F depending upon the terminal needs, type of loading facility/chemical, and environmental requirements.

Enclosed vapor combustors allow for much lower noise levels, hidden flame, lower radiation, and they are non-intrusive to neighbors and aesthetically blend into the plant.

MRW Open Flame Flares (Combustors)

Open Flame Terminal Flares have a luminous visible flame that can be seen whenever the flare is in use. Open flares also have higher radiation and noise than enclosed vapor combustors. Typically, an allowable radiation level of 1500 BTU/hr/ft2 is normally maintained. The destruction efficiency is 98%.

The main benefit of open flame terminal combustors is they are much less expensive from a capital standpoint than any other alternative. These types of systems do not require stack sampling or temperature control to prove destruction efficiency. As long as the flare design meets certain EPA regulations including tip velocities then by definition the flare receives a credit of 98% destruction of VOC and hydrocarbons.

MRW has a proprietary Open Flare design that allows for exceptionally competitive prices for terminal vapor control needs. This design is simple, reliable, safe, and is proven with installations around the globe.

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