Air-Assisted Flare

An effective method for achieving smokeless flare operation is to use an air-assisted flare where forced air is mixed with the waste gas. MRW has air-assisted flares operating successfully at loading terminals, landfills, ethanol plants, chemical & petrochemical facilities, oil & gas production facilities, gas processing plants, midstream facilities, and biogas/biofuels operations. Our innovative and efficient air-assisted flare designs meet all applicable EPA and United States Coast Guard requirements.

If your application requires stricter emissions requirements, please visit the Enclosed Combustion Systems for more options or contact us to speak with a combustion professional.

Air-Assisted Flares

  • Environmental Compliance

    • Guaranteed 98% destruction removal efficiency (DRE) of VOCs
    • Meet the EPA requirements for 40 CFR 60.18
    • United States Coast Guard (USCG) compliant design (if required)
    • Smokeless operation with air-assisted flare design
  • Low Operating Costs

    • No assist fuel gas required
    • Purge gas reduction seal integral to flare tip
  • Safety

    • Inlet valve position monitoring
    • Continuous pilot monitoring
    • Anti-flashback burners (if required)
    • Detonation arrestors (if required)
  • Ease of Installation/Operation

    • Skid-mounted controls
    • Automatic or manual ignition
  • Advanced Design -> Increased Durability/Reliability

    • Stable, reliable, continuous pilots
      • High intensity electric spark ignition
      • Flame front ignition
      • Self-inspirated flame front ignition
      • Dual ignition mode (electric spark and flame front)
    • Proven flare tip flame holders

Additional Options

  • Enrichment system to maintain 300 BTU/scf
  • Trailer-mounted portable systems

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Air Assist Smokeless Flare