Oil & Gas Production

The emissions control needs for the oil & gas production industry range from produced gas to tank vapors to compressor and pipeline blowdowns. MRW systems are built to be durable and reliable and have been proven through hundreds of installations. Depending on whether you require enclosed combustion or an open flare, available power or not, single waste stream or multiple, high or low pressure, we can provide a system that will operate safely and effectively. MRW also offers trailer-mounted portable systems that are designed to be easily and quickly transported among facilities for temporary or long-term service.

We have developed a catalog of systems specifically engineered for the smokeless combustion of heavy (high BTU), low-pressure streams without the use of utility power. Visit the following pages for more information or contact a combustion professional now to discuss the best solution for your needs:

Please note that our enclosed combustors and non-assist smokeless flares are built to Quad Oa standards.

Oil and Gas Production

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Oil and Gas Production