Utility Flare

Whether your application has low pressure or high pressure, combustible or non-combustible gas, small or large flow, MRW can offer a solution. Our systems have proven successful worldwide in industries ranging from:

  • Gas Processing
  • Oil & Gas Production
  • Midstream
  • Chemical & Petrochemical
  • Landfill
  • Petroleum Refining
  • Biogas/Biofuels
  • Steel & Mining

Used as process vents or emergency backups, our advanced designs and industry-leading quality will ensure compliance for continuous or occasional operations. MRW’s pilots are built durable for fast and reliable ignition in all climates and weather conditions.

To ensure smokeless operation, an air-assist, steam-assist, or gas-assist smokeless flare may be necessary.

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  • Environmental Compliance

    • Guaranteed 98% destruction removal efficiency (DRE)
    • Meet the EPA requirement 40 CFR 60.18 for exit velocity
  • Low Operating Costs

    • Purge gas reduction seal integral to flare tip
  • Safety

    • Continuous pilot monitoring
  • Ease of Installation/Operation

    • Self-supported or guy wire supported
    • Skid-mounted controls
    • Integrated data logging
    • Automatic or manul ignition
  • Advanced Design -> Increased Durability/Reliability

    • Windshield
    • Stable, reliable, continuous pilots
      • High intensity electric spark ignition
      • Flame front ignition
      • Self-inspirated flame front ignition
      • Dual ignition mode (electric spark & flame front)
    • Proven flare tip flame holders

Additional Options

  • Knockout Drums
  • Ladders and Platforms
  • Vapor Blower Skids

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Utility Flare

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide a solution for a high pressure waste gas stream?

Yes. Our experience includes solutions for high pressure and high flow rate waste gas streams. MRW high pressure flare tips will operate without smoking due to superior air/gas mixing technology.

Do you offer retractable pilots or thermocouples?

MRW offers both retractable pilots and retractable thermocouples for maintenance at grade. These components can be retracted using either our manual crank design or a motorized raising and lowering system.

Does MRW offer rental flares?

Yes, please visit our rentals page or contact us now to speak with a combustion expert about your application.