Non-Assist Smokeless Flare

Designed for vapors from PRODUCED OIL OR WATER TANKS as well as PRODUCED GAS, MRW Non-Assist Smokeless Flares don't require forced air for smokeless combustion at infinite turndown. Vapors from multiple low-pressure tanks and high pressure sources can be controlled with a single open flame system. Built to meet 40 CFR 60.18 and operate with no visible emissions, MRW Smokeless Tank Battery Flares are Quad Oa compliant.

  • Environmental Compliance

    • 98% or greater destruction removal efficiency (DRE) of VOCs
    • Quad Oa compliant
    • Smokeless operation
  • Low Operating Costs

    • No assist fuel gas required
    • Efficiently combusts 3500+ BTU/scf hydrocarbon streams
    • No utility power required for smokeless combustion
  • Safety

    • Inlet valve position monitoring
    • Continuous pilot monitoring
  • Ease of Installation/Operation

    • 12 VDC, 24 VDC, or 120 VAC
    • SCADA integration via MODBUS, Ethernet, etc.
    • Integrated data logging
    • High and low pressure (HP/LP) streams
  • Advanced Design -> Increased Durability/Reliability

    • Stable, reliable, continuous pilots
    • Pressure drops as low as 4 oz

Additional Options

  • Solar power
  • Customizable height (engineering review required)
  • Flame arrestor with integrated temperature measurement
  • Concrete pad
  • Knockout drum (integral or standalone)
  • Knockout drum drain pump/blowcase

Interested in Modification to an Existing System?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can these be fired horizontally?

Yes. MRW can customize the orientation and application of the thermal oxidizer to suit your space and process requirements.

Does MRW offer rental thermal oxidizers?

Yes, please visit our rentals page or contact us now to speak with a combustion expert about your application.

Do you have heat recovery options?

Yes, we can utilize the energy from the flue gas for use in waste heat boilers, heat exchangers, steam generation, hot oil heaters, etc. Ask us about an MRW Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer System as one option for integrating heat recovery into your waste gas control needs.