Staged Smokeless Flare

In order to utilize the same flare stack for different waste streams or streams with significant turndown, a staged flare may be the most economical option. MRW has proved itself a leader in solutions for these often-difficult applications. Our innovative flare tips and layouts allow for efficient and effective staging.

  • Environmental Compliance

    • Guaranteed 98% destruction removal efficiency (DRE) of VOCs
    • Meet the EPA requirements for 40 CFR 60.18
    • Smokeless operation
  • Low Operating Costs

    • Purge gas reduction seal integral to flare tip
  • Safety

    • Continuous pilot monitoring
  • Ease of Installation/Operation

    • Self-supported or guy wire supported
    • Skid-mounted controls
    • Integrated data logging
    • Automatic or manual ignition
    • High pressure (HP) and low pressure (LP) streams
  • Advanced Design -> Increased Durability/Reliability

    • Stable, reliable, continuous pilots
      • High intensity electric spark ignition
      • Flame front ignition
      • Self-inspirated flame front ignition
      • Dual ignition mode (electric spark and flame front)
    • Proven flare tip flame holders

Additional Options

  • Enrichment system to maintain 200-300 BTU/scf
  • Radiation plots
  • Trailer-mounted portable systems

Interested in Modification to an Existing System?

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Staged Smokeless Flare