Staged Ground Flare

Staged ground flares are utilized for smokeless combustion of large volumes of waste gas flow with high turndown. They are commonly used in LNG and gas processing facilities. Due to the nature of these applications, staged ground flares are designed to handle streams over a wide pressure range and variety of compositions.

  • Environmental Compliance

    • Smokeless operation
    • No visible flame
  • Safety

    • Rupture disk/buckling pin bypass on staging manifold
  • Ease of Installation/Operation

    • 100:1 or greater turndown
    • Automatic ignition
  • Advanced Design -> Increased Durability/Reliability

    • Proprietary stainless steel flare tips
    • Radiation fence with optimized air flow
    • Superior burner layout

Additional Options

  • Knockout (KO) drums
  • Liquid Seal

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Staged Ground Flare