Vapor Combustors (VCUs)

A vapor combustion unit (VCU), sometimes referred to as an enclosed flare, is an enclosed combustion device (ECD) used for the destruction of vapors from various services including bulk liquid storage tanks, barges, ships, rail cars and trucks. Please visit our enclosed combustor page for more details on enclosed combustion devices for oil & gas production facilities.

It is paramount that these facilities have equipment that is safe, reliable, and adheres to applicable emissions regulations. MRW is an industry leader in developing vapor control systems that not only meet or exceed project specifications, but that require little maintenance, start up quickly and consistently, and are operator-friendly.

In addition to low NOx and high DRE systems, MRW VCUs for loading, storage, and degassing applications are designed with multiple levels of safety to prevent flashbacks. Our systems are exempted from utilizing a liquid seal, include anti-flashback burners that often last 15+ years, and minimize fuel usage.

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  • Environmental Compliance

    • 98% to 99.9% destruction removal efficiency (DRE) of VOCs
    • Smokeless operation
    • Low NOx operation
    • United States Coast Guard (USCG) compliant design
    • Flue gas sample/test ports
  • Low Operating Costs

    • Fuel efficient
  • Safety

    • Anti-flashback burners
    • Detonation arrestors
    • Automatic shutoff valves
    • High temperature shutdown
    • Burner management system
  • Ease of Installation/Operation

    • Skid-mounted controls
    • Pneumatic or electric
    • Integrated data logging
    • Automatic ignition
  • Advanced Design -> Increased Durability/Reliability

    • Stable, reliable, continuous pilots
    • Stacks lined with ceramic fiber refractory

Additional Options

  • Knockout Drums
  • Ladders and Platforms
  • Vapor Blower Skids
  • Dock Safety Skids

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can multiple streams (e.g., tank breathing vapors, barge vapors, truck vapors) be admitted to the VCU at the same time?

Yes, MRW systems can accommodate multiple streams with differing heat contents simultaneously.

The VCU that we currently have operates with a 98% DRE guarantee. Can you assist us with making modifications to achieve 99.5% DRE?

Yes, we would perform an engineering evaluation to determine what economical modifications, if any, could be done to increase the DRE. At that point MRW could provide the engineering, fabricated modifications, and any necessary controls.

Do MRW vapor combustions units meet all applicable EPA and USCG standards?

Yes, our vapor control systems meet the EPA 40 CFR 60.18 regulation for exit velocity and applicable USCG standards, including applicable sections of 33 CFR 154. MRW has designed and built hundreds of VCUs located along ship channels and in ethanol plants, unit train loading terminals, and tank farms.

What is the maximum loading rate that an MRW VCU can handle?

The MRW system can contain multiple stacks and piping manifolds to accommodate as much loading vapor rate as required. MRW commonly supplies VCUs for barge loading operations of up to 5000 BPH, ship loading operations of 30,000 BPH, truck loading of up to 3600 gpm, and rail loading of 2000 gpm. Since MRW specializes in custom-built equipment, we can design a system tailored to your application.

Our facility would like to install low NOx burners into our current VCU. Can you help us?

Absolutely. MRW can perform an engineering evaluation on the VCU system and determine what steps must be taken to reduce the NOx emissions.

Does MRW offer rental VCUs?

Yes, please visit our rentals page or contact us now to speak with a combustion expert about your application.